IS A PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACT WORTH THE COST? Every situation is different.  In most instances, maintenance reduces service calls, down time, excessive wear and tear, product loss, and inconvenience. Every problem found during a maintenance reduces chances of failure at an inconvenient time…after hours, busy times and when you least want it.

At Boise Refrigeration Service Co., we strongly believe that preventative maintenance is a critical part of what we do as it helps prevent unwanted failures while extending the life of your equipment. A preventative maintenance contract does not guarantee you will not have any service calls. Most refrigeration equipment runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years; however, every piece of equipment you are using could fail at any time. The object of a maintenance inspection is to reduce problems, extend equipment life, prevent unexpected downtime, and reduce the cost of your operation. We accomplish this by performing a comprehensive inspection of each case, fixture, or unit making sure the systems are operating at peak efficiency. Any repairs found during the inspection are presented to you for completion at your convenience.

We offer custom preventative maintenance contracts tailored specifically to your business at prices discounted off our regular rates. The more equipment included in the contract, the more savings you would recognize as compared to performing the maintenance inspection on a time and material basis. If you are interested in this valuable service, please feel free to contact us for a free estimate on a preventative maintenance contract for your equipment.

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